Valentin Lucas His must's ...

The trendy and fashionable influencer Valentin Lucas gives us some of his secrets and tips
on his routine. A short interview with this handsome dark-haired man, a multi-faceted business leader.

A DESTINATION? Ibiza! I like the atmosphere, its little coves sometimes quiet sometimes very lively, have a glass at the end of the day in a small cabin by the sea or dinner on the terrace in the old town. It’s a real paradise for me only 2 hours flight from Paris !

THE BEST SUNGLASSES? I especially love the brand Persol since a long time.

AN ESSENTIAL APP FOR HOLIDAYS? Istagram is the best app for me to spot the best restaurants and hotels of a destination.

A SUMMER VIBES COCKTAIL? It’ll be the Moscow Mule: 5cl of vodka Grey Goose, 1/2 lemon green, 20cl of ginger beer and lots of ice piled.

SUMMER SNEAKERS? Rather, a pair of Tod’s loafers, elegant in all circumstances.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THIS SUMMER TO REMEMBER IN YOUR SUITCASE? Linen shirts, a pair of sandals, a beautiful beach towel and a sunscreen.