One on one with Doctor Frédéric Saldmann Interview

Doctor Frédéric Saldmann is a bestselling author who has already sold some 3 million books and recently released his latest work “Your health is in your hands” published by Albin Michel. Here, he talks with Life Style Magazine and reveals some of his tips for a longer healthier life.

Basically, what sort of Doctor are you?

I’m not an ordinary everyday doctor. My sort of medicine is preventive and avant-garde. For me, any death before the age of 120 constitutes a premature death. The goal of “Your health is in your hands” is to offer advice to enable people to hang in there a bit longer before the ambulance arrives! (laughter).

So unlike many other doctors you put the emphasis on preventive rather than curative actions?

In ancient China, people would only go to the doctor’s when they were in good health. I look after healthy people to ensure they stay healthy, notably thanks to the self-healing powers we all have. You simply have to know and understand them to be able to activate them and benefit from them. I push people to become responsible, or the sole owners of their health.

Your readers probably often ask themselves whether they could meet you between two TV shows ?

I continue to receive patients at the hospital but there is a two-year waiting list … (laughter).

The world of medicine is evolving, do you think we are moving towards auto-medication?

The future lies in a major discovery called epigenetics, in other words a healthy behavior can stimulate healthy genes. What is primordial when one wants to remain healthy is to make the right choices to manage one’s health.

You often use the term “Uberisation”. Can this model be applied to the field of personal health?

There are more and more health related gadgets and applications available today on your smartphone. But only a few people use them long term. They are games, just like the connected bracelets. I would love to see a robust, lasting application. However, don’t forget, first you have to spot the symptoms without forgetting us of course! (laughter).

Tell us about an ordinary day in the life of Doctor Saldmann?

I get up around 7 am. Every morning I do between 40 minutes and 1 hour of physical exercise including 30 minutes non-stop burn off the bad fat, after drinking green tea and two espressos. Don’t forget that 30 minutes exercise per day reduces the risk of cancer, Alzheimer and heart disease by 40%. This ritual is like a shield and should be done by everyone every day. Then I have a cold shower. Three minutes under cold water helps lose 250 calories. A cold shower helps the release of endorphins, boosts the immunity system and reduces bags under the eyes. This is my personal shiver treatment!

One preconceived idea is the importance of a good breakfast. Is this not the case?

I don’t eat breakfast and only have two meals during the day, never three. Why? Each second we produce 20 million cells to replace the dead cells; the older you get, the higher the risk of reproducing copies increases, which can in some cases lead to a cancer. Fasting for 12 to 16 hours while drinking lots of water, tea or tisanes helps reduce this risk. With just two meals per day, my body has time to repair itself and regenerate.

So fasting is a way of staying healthy?

Every religion in the world, right back to the beginning of humanity, speaks about fasting. Man can cope without consuming, but not over-eating. Do not eat out of an obligation, only if you are hungry. On the other hand, I do not recommend liquid based cures. If you want to lose weight, natural appetite suppressors are better and also better for your health. For example, to eat a dessert before a meal activates your glucokinase and suppresses your appetite.

What is your favorite food?

I’m a fan of detox products like avocados that I call intestinal balm or cress that combats toxic products. I play around with natural products to do good to my body.

To be healthy, you also talk about the importance of sex.

Sexual intercourse 12 times per month extends life expectancy by 10 years. The libido needs to be constantly stimulated via different anatomical points for strong physiological reactions. So yes, sex is essential to stay healthy!

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