NATACHA CALESTRÉMÉ Free yourself to find joy and serenity

Your latest book The Key to Your Energy (Ed Albin Miche) is really sucœssful ! Why did you feel the need to write about the 22 protocols? And who did you learn about this from?

As a joumalist, I made a number of documentaries focusing on unex­ plained phenomena. I inteIViewed several shamans, healers and mediums who explained how they had overcome grief, an Ilness or an ordeal. My Cartesian approach to life fell apart and when, two years later, my life was tumed upside down, I decided to put it into practise, and happiness and serenity retumed. That’s when I started organising workshops based  on the protocols and the feedback I got was simply amazing. The book is the result of all this.

When the lockdown period is over. and aftermany difficut weeks. how should we go about regaining our self-confidence?

Each ordeal is an opportunity to free oneself from an ancient wound. Identify the painful emotion you feel when you think about your concerns: injustice, fear, sadness, helplessness, abandon, anger, rejection, betrayal, humiliation, guilt? This emotîon is the replica of an ordeal you inherîted from your family. Identîfy who (parents, grandparents, uncle … ) lived through the same ordeal or emotion. By performing protocol 5 of ‘The Key to Your Energy’ to rebuild yourself, then ptotocol 7 with the other people will release you of the burden that was never yours to bear.

Everyday hassle prevents us from sleeping well and is synonymous with stress. Which protcol do you recommend to deal with this?

A sleep-related problem is often multifactorial. It is vital to remove all electromagnetic sources from yom bedroom (telephone, television, and so on). Then, let your body know it’s time to go to sleep by using signs it can understand: develop a sort of pre-sleep ritual. Always do the same thing ten minutes or so before turning the lights off: read a few pages of a book, have a warm shower (don’t forget that heat release a wake-up
hormone in you). A bed is also a bin for the unconscious. Do not work in bed, do not read your e-mails, and perform the protocol 19 cleaning
ritual that I learnt from a geo-biologîst. Stress that comes from uncon­trollable fear is once again related to emotional legacies and something
you can free yourself from.

ls the summer a time to do something in particular before returning to work in Sep­tember?

It’s a good time to reflect on the cycles that return from one generatîon to the next in your family and to act so you don’t have to endure them.
Things that “grieve” you, aren’t yours. Worried about not having enough money? Check out your own family to see who suffered from poverty. Worried about seeing your company collapse … who among your ancestors went bankrupt or lost out on an inheritance? Fear of losing all control …  who was witness to a painful death? Worried something may happen to your child … who in the past had a miscarriage or lost a chi!d, a father or morher too young? You don’t seem to be able to find your place … who was under another’s influence … who didn’t do their dream job? Once you find the cycles that return from one generation to another, do protocol 5 to heal the wounds then number 7 to free yourself of these
troublesome legacies.

And what can we wish you for the future?

To continue receiving each day messages from people whose lives have changed for the better.