Who is Jean-Christophe Amarantinis?

I have been President of the JCM Santé network since 1998 which is when I took over the family business. This was no accident! My grandparents created a retirement home in 1953. My parents then took over and today I represent the third generation to manage the business along with my sister Sophie who is the General Manager.

What has changed since you took over?

From the outset I wanted to develop JCM Santé which today operates a number of different activitîes. In 2000 we acquired a new retirement home. This was followed in 2001 by the creation of a new home-care division. We anticipated the changes to the sector by laying the first stone of the future healthcare system.

Why did you call upon the services of Domiblue?

Domiblue is an independent home-help group and part of the JCM Santé network that is composed of a number of entities. We operate on three distinct family service oriented sectors: working-age adults, child-minding and senior citizens.

What are your projects for the future?

In a few figures: Domiblue represenrs 300,000 houes of home-help for 900 recipients in 2019. Business is expanding and our objective for 2022 is a 20% growth rate in all the areas of activity.

What sorts of services are provided by Domiblue?

Domiblue provide a wide range of home-help services to make everyday life easier. People no longer need to worry about finding the right person, Domiblue select hlgh-performing and immediately operational staff: house-keepers, cooks, shoppers, child-minders for children aged over 3 … we make your wishes come true as if by magic!

How do you help the elderly at home?

For over ten years Domiblue have been leading their expertise and excelling in helping the elderly by establishing relationships of confidence and proximity. Ageing well at home is one of our founding commitments, and one that is shared by our collaborators. We propose a global offer ranging from physical help to preparing meals and cleaning the home.

How do you help the invalid and those who are functionally dependent?

Over and above everyday assistance, we can also bring in the expertise of other integrated services such as a mobile Alzheimer team, day care in medicalised structures and home care nursing.

Brielly, whatare your strong points?

In-depth knowledge of the sector, quality, safety, reactivity, respect, multi­task and affordable. Our network: 6 offices in 5 departments (04, 05,
06, 13, 83).

Not forgetting simplicity: just one contact person to help, advise and accompany you every step of the way!