Botulinum toxin – by doctor Jean-Baptiste Danvin ETERNAL YOUTH

Cosmetic medicine has been around now for a number of years. Various different treatments are available.
The best known are botulinum toxin injections, hyaluronic acid injections and chemical peels (or dermabrasion). This article looks at the goals and effects of botulinum toxin injections (Botox).


What exactly is botulinum toxin?

Botox comes from the botulinum toxin that is naturally produced by a bacteria. It is an extremely powerful poison, but not in small doses. The toxin is used to relax facial muscles. Very small quantities are injected using microneedles directly into the muscles concerned, just under the skin. The toxin blocks the transmission of the nerve impulses that are responsible for the contractions that are at the origin of the wrinkles, enabling the muscles to relax.
Initial results appear between 2 and 5 days. The effect of the toxin varies from one patient to another and can last between 4 and 6 months. A new injection can then follow. Regular treatment can prevent the cracking of the outermost layer of the skin and thus the appearance of permanent wrinkles.

The goal of the injections is the temporary correction of three types of wrinkles.
– Horizontal forehead wrinkles caused by the contraction of the muscles on the forehead.
– Frown lines (or glabellar lines, lion’s wrinkles) that are vertical lines between the eyebrows.
– Crows feet wrinkles (around the eyes)


Toxin injections represent a medical procedure. It is important your doctor is certain the product is not contraindicated (pregnant women, bleeding disorders, neuro-muscular affection…).
The deterioration of skin condition can be increased by external factors such as tobacco or excessive exposure to the sun. Botulinum toxin is most often proposed to patients aged 30-35 and over.

To conclude, wrinkles are part and parcel of your facial expression and your personality. It would be wrong to want to remove them whatever the cost. It is important to maintain a balance with well-dosed regular injections. The rule to abide by is moderation to prevent a very much undesirable facial paralysis effect.