Valentin Lucas His must's ...

The trendy and fashionable influencer Valentin Lucas gives us some of his secrets and tips on his routine. A short interview with this handsome dark-haired man, a business leader with a thousand and one facets.

A drink? I appreciate a good glass of red wine during a meal, but at the time of the drink, it’s the Caipirinha that accompanies me right now! In addition, I recently discovered a brand of vodka, L’Orbe, which is infused with caviar, a real delight!

Lunch? There are so many good places in Paris to share a pleasant lunch, let’s say that right now I am often at the Sancerre, Girafe, Le Mun.

Night? I like to meet my friends for dinner at the table at: le bon Georges, or at the bar des Prés, at Anahi’s, or at Marzo’s. Again it depends on my desires of the moment…(laughs)

Blue or Black? It depends on the object, I would say black for design and for clothes my preference varies depending on the season and my mood!

The Must? To stay in the culinary field, I will say without hesitation, a bleeding tab pepper sauce!

Rituals? I don’t really have a beauty routine, if I can express myself this way (laughs) on the other hand, to keep looking good in all circumstances I never move without my super Aqua Serum from Guerlain.

A Break ? Who knows! you may meet me at the hotel Royal Champagne which has recently been renovated, you can also go there, test Helifirst a direct line by helicopter Paris – Royal and thus have lunch at the Royal Champagne Overlooking the vineyards.