Special tribute for Ayrton Senna’s 6-win record in Monaco Video

Produced by the Ayrton Senna Institute in a partnership with FOM (Formula One Management), the video is part of the celebration for Ayrton’s first win in Monaco 30 years ago.

Saiba como Ayrton Senna se consagrou Rei de Monaco from IAS on Vimeo.

A series of tributes to Ayrton Senna are made during the week of the 2017 F1 Monaco Grand Prix – the Brazilian driver, who holds the record for most wins at the world championship’s biggest race, with six triumphs – his first one was achieved exactly 30 years ago.

Ayton Senna Institute, in a partnership with FOM (Formula One Management), has prepared another gift for his fans: a special video featuring Senna’s main achievements at the Principality, including his impressive debut in the rain, in 1984, and the six victories for which the Brazilian became known as the “King of Monaco”: 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 – a record that remains unbroken.

“We’re very happy to be here, celebrating the 30th anniversary of his first win in Monaco in such an intense and unique way. The video that we’re launching today is very special. It was made with great care for all of Ayrton’s fans everywhere in the world”, says Bianca Senna, the driver’s niece and the Ayrton Senna institute Director. The video is also being shown on the official F1 big screens alongside the Monaco circuit.

Other important tributes to the three-time F1 champion have marked the Monaco GP, this week: an Ayrton Senna statue was unveiled on the Fairmont corner by Prince Albert II; and the Fairmont Hotel has launched a special suite for the week of the race, featuring original items that belonged to the driver, such as his helmet, steering wheel, etc.

Copyright photos : Ayrton Senna Institute / RF1 – Serviços Jornalisticos

The Monaco Yacht Club is also hosting an exhibit of Ayrton Senna pictures and items on the week of the GP. Yesterday, a new collection of Tag Heuer watches was launched. And the week also saw the arrival of a new Ayrton Senna Shop collection, whose theme is the yellow 1987 Lotus, with which the Brazilian won the 1987 Monaco GP.


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