Laboratoire Promicea Promicea for eternal youth

Although the quest for the holy grail may be just a myth, the benefts of our new product range NeoStem®
that was developed in our laboratories is for real.

Following research and major advances concerning GLYCATION, a physiological mechanism that is
responsible for the premature aging of the skin, the laboratory has succeeded in engineering our new generation NeoStem® serum

… to provide a revolutionary treatment your skin will forever be grateful for !
At the heart of the formula, a unique mixture of assets for a global anti-ageing action.
As a result : the skin of the face and the neck is lifted, wrinkles are shaded off and the oval of the
redrawn face.

Advanced CosmetologyTM – more than evolution, a revolution

Laboratoire Promicea focuses on three key elements: fundamental research, ethnobotanics and biotechnology.
This solid union allows to reach the elaboration of new types of formulae and assets
A revolution resulting from the research of our panel of scientifc experts.
Leading to innovation and the elaboration of new formulas and active ingredients.
The results?
Effective and safe small formula products that are innovative and that offer a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.

Laboratoire Promicea
203 rue Breteuil
13006 Marseille