Deep Nature Spa by Clarins Marseille, France

1,000m² of total serenity in a décor inspired by traditional Provencal pools and fountains for guests to relax and renew in while taking in the warm shades and scents of the Mediterranean.
To complete the indoor pool experience, the showers, saunas (one of which is infrared), the hammams, four single treatment rooms, the double VIP treatment room with private Jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor relaxation zones, a floor massage cabin and generous fitness room, guests can also benefit from a full range of exclusive Clarins treatments.


Sports coaching and fitness
Personalized coaching from a multi-medal-winning taekwondo champion and Olympic coach at London 2012. Whatever it is you are after, whether it is intensive pre-competition training or a general fitness program following a period of inactivity, stress or a pregnancy…
According to your goals and desires your personal Spa Coach will draw up a tailored program with effective and efficient solutions then accompany and motivate you to fulfil your objectives.


Greater well-being each day: For everyone, of all ages, the Fitness activities help improve your overall fitness and health.

Body-Mouv training
“The positive message”… Body-Mouv training is a discipline combining yoga, fitness, pilates, and martial art techniques, to align the body, mind and soul for an intensely relaxing workout to music (indoor).

Zumba fitness
Zumba is a cardio workout, combining fitness and dance, and is inspired by Latin, exotic and urban dance styles (indoor).

Weight training
A key activity to shape-up and lose fat. It also helps to gain muscle strength (indoor).

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Core Training
Works on the body’s core to strengthen the lower back, tone the abs and glutes while improving strength (indoor).

Circuit training
An intense cardio workout that helps develop both strength and endurance while the changes in exercises let some muscles rest while others do the hard work (indoor / outdoor).


For a slim well-toned body and strong heart
Cardio activities bring together a range of aerobics exercises to improve endurance and strengthen the body. Ideally located among the creeks and the sea, Marseille provides a wonderful selection of locations to breathe and train in the open air not far from the famous old port area.

Jogging / Endurance
Vital to fight against excess weight. The perfect exercise to improve overall fitness and reduce cardiovascular risk. Running also helps prepare for competitions (indoor / outdoor).

Cardio Training
Cardio training involves a treadmill, elliptical, bike and rowing machine to improve aerobic capacity (indoor).


Energy and reactivity
Combat sports group together a variety of boxing disciplines and other combat sports.

Cardio boxing (feet/hands)
Based on martial arts without physical contact, cardio boxing (or Tae boxing) includes movement from Taekwondo, Karate, Kung fu, Boxing, kick boxing,…
The ideal activity for getting rid of excess energy, it works principally on your heart while burning up your reserves and toning your body.

A traditional Korean martial arts discipline and Olympic combat sport that works on all muscle groups, focusing mainly on the legs. The kicking and punching movements are intense and help eliminate stress while improving coordination, rapidity and also develop self confidence.

Body Taekwondo
Combining the technical punches and kicks of Taekwondo with music, without physical contact.


Calm and serenity, Rebalancing body muscles.

Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on rebalancing the body’s muscles, maintaining the spine and general posture, and controlled breathing.

Ashtanga Yoga
A dynamic and physical Yoga practice based on vinyasa, consisting of a series of flowing postures (asana) and victorious breath. The method was developed and initiated by Sri Pattabhi Jois, a yoga master from Mysore in southern India. It combines strength, flexibility, stability, endurance and work on posture to generate mental and physical well-being.


Fitness, relaxation and energy
In a décor inspired by traditional Provencal fountains, the Spa by Clarins indoor pool offers a relaxing Mediterranean climate. The 8 massage nozzles and water jets provide the ideal conditions for a relaxing and stress free experience.
The aquatic activities are designed for people of all ages looking to stay fit and develop their cardiovascular capabilities. All movements performed underwater act directly against cellulite.

Aqua Running
Exercises on a treadmill to walk or jog at different speeds. Improves endurance and blood circulation while strengthening muscles. Combining the aquatic treadmill with the action of water (hydro-massage) will help reshape your legs and enhance overall fitness.

Aqua Spa training
Gently discover water aerobics, with multiple benefits and great overall results. A complete workout to strengthen the body.

Deep Nature Spa by Clarins
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13002 Marseille, France
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