Calarena SUMMERWEAR inspired by Corsican Lifestyle

A signature brand, a world of its own, a philosophy

Launched in 2004 in Porto-Vecchio, Calarena finds its inspiration from the suave Mediterranean summers to come up with elegant seasonal collections for women to wear from dawn through to those festive summer evenings.

The brand’s creations swing between a chic and light wardrobe, between land and sea, showcasing the beauty of the wearers with glossy colors and daring cuts … the results of a perfect combination: the stroke of a pencil, Julie Cesari, the choice of fabrics and profiling for the collections, Sandrine Piergigli, craftsmanship, at the Italian workshop, all orchestrated ad conducted by Marie-Luce de Rocca Serra.

The brand seemingly and creatively plays with fashion trends to draw its inspiration from the world’s beauty to combine luxury and sobriety, elegance and racy fashion, before adding its expertise to bring out the full beauty of the women who wear Calarena. Craftsmanship, the Maison and family are the brand’s founding values: the studio in Porto-Vecchio, the workshop in Italy … A Corsican-Italian family affair giving life to an association that spotlights their expertise…

The signature brand has become a concept all in itself, a chic summer beach lifestyle with a full beachwear wardrobe for every time of the day and night. Light to wear like a second skin, subtle cuts, different textures and a multitude of shades … identifiable creativity somewhere between reworking, innovation and a respect for the brand’s values that has made it a key player in the world of chic beachwear.

Rue du 9 Septembre 1943
20137 Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
Tel +33 (0)4 95 24 77 65