Anseba The "MUST HAVE" made in Corsica.

Eclectism and colours are the warm character of the Corinne Terrazzoni shop, which makes its choices in a demand for true products, fine substances and subtle fragrances.

Objects of decoration, scents of here and elsewhere, flowers, jewellery, clothes, that happiness to offer and to indulge.

PERFUMES AND WELL-BEING: Durance, Goa, Donna é, Isula Parfums, Voluspa, Esteban, Bugatti, Mellow Yellow, Hugo Boss lingerie, la Fiancée du Mekong, Maradji

INTERIOR DESIGN: Losis Chehoma, Baci…


Imm St Antoine, les 4 chemins – 2 0137 Port Vecchio – Tél : 04 95 76 40 12