VALENTIN LUCAS His must-do's

In your opinion, the best summer destination for this 2023 season?

The Baleares Islands, I still have Menorca to do, I think we can meet there this summer or maybe Croatia ! (laughs)

The must-go Summer spot?

For my part it will be Rhodes for kite surfing, one of my favorite sport.

the ideal outfit for walking on sunny days?

Light linen pants, a loose shirt and a pair of sunglasses.

What will be the must have this summer for you Valentin ?

The must have is rather intangible for me so I would say finding the ideal spot that best suits us according to our desires of the moment…

What you won’t forget to put in your suitcase?

My drone for fun but above all to make content for you guys !

The cocktail that reminds you of summer?

The spritz is really the easy & coolest cocktail, always good and that you want to taste it on the terrace with friends.

Sunset lover or Sunrise?

Sunrise precisely because you can have a little drink ! (laughs)

For you, this summer rhymes with frenzied swaying to the rhythm of the sound of Ibiza or rather nature in trekking mode on the Himalayas (Laughs) ?

Ahaha ! For my part I need both atmospheres, so it will be hiking, kite surfing and heathy food on one side and partying on the other !