The must do’s of Valentin Lucas

The trendy and fashionable influencer Valentin Lucas gives us some of his secrets and tips
on his routine. A short interview with this handsome dark-haired man, a multi-faceted business leader.

The most beautiful beach?
The beaches of Corsica of course! (smiles)

The best summer spot?
If you want to get out of the usual spots like st tropez, Ibiza, Mykonos etc.. I would say Menorca for its wild side and at the same time “atmosphere”!

To keep in shape, what sport do you practice?
In Paris I am registered in a gym club , otherwise I like all outdoor sports in nature, skiing, trail running, kite surfing.

The cocktail that reminds you of summer?
The negroni! I just saw the film Azuro by Matthieu Rozé, which takes place in a cove in the Mediterranean, where they often take negroni in Campari.

What will be your destination during the summer period?
Ibiza of course, Greece for kite surfing and I will go to Menorca, to the experimental hotel.

Your favorite outfit for walking on sunny days?
Swim shorts, t-shirt during the day and linen shirt pants for the evening.

What you will not forget to put in your suitcase?
The flip flops and the swimsuit!

Sunset or Sunrise?
Sunset ! The only time I see the sunrise is to catch a very early flight!