Laurie Cholewa Show must go on !

Because we are still going through and having to adapt to an unprecedented situation, are there things in your life you have changed or improved?

At the same time as getting through the crisis I am also learning to be a mother. My daughter is 3 and my son just 17 months old so I really am trying to be as organised as possible at home by tidying up, sorting out, preparing the meals … My new priorities are my children, spending time with them, bringing them up and introducing them to life.

Is this having an impact on your work? Does it mean organising your life differently?

Not really, I can continue filming as before.

Film is clearly important to you. Where does your passion for the cinema come from? Were you a serious movie-goer?

It’s probably down to my brother who was a fan of genre films and who introduced me to scary movies quite early on. I’ve always enjoyed going to the cinema particularly as a family or with friends, as a time to share an experience. Becoming a movie-lover from home was due to my work and allowed me to watch and also enjoy watching several films during the same day.

If you had to select just 2 films that reflect a bit of who you are what would they be?

Pulp fiction for the humour, offbeat style and excitement, Notting Hill as a true rom-com.

Could you tell us a little more about your charity concert “Voices for Hope” that aims to raise money to help the fight against pancreatic cancer. An annual event you have been organising for the past ten years.

For ten years now this is my way of contributing to the fight against pancreatic cancer, one of the most feared and unfairest forms of cancer. The aim is to talk about it and raise money to finance research into it.

You were personally concerned by this illness, but where does the idea of organising a concert come from?

There are many other ways to raise money or awareness … Any number of ways, but I decided to do what I am best at, a show. I’ve organised a number of musical events and programmes. It’s something I enjoy and I’ve also got to know the artists over time, which helps.

Where are you planning on going to chill out this summer? Corsica maybe?

Corsica it is, to Calvi, our calming haven of peace. Even my daughter wants to go to Calvi. We feel at home there. We love Corsica and the people there. We have our everyday habits, our friends and favourite landscapes there.

What projects do you have for the future?

A bit of radio on Europe 1 to present my Saturday programme called Clap, Tchi Tcha on the TV and the César film academy awards on February 25.
I’ll also be publishing a fairy-tale for children in March and I have a number of projects with my production company that include a documentary and a prime-time show on Canal plus.

What would you like to wish readers of LiFE magazine?

The very best of health of course!!!

Laurie Cholewa