Oman Air Live the business experience

Oman Air is the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman. Created in 1993, it became one of the leaders in the air transport market in less than 30 years. With over 50 destinations served from its Mascate hub, Oman Air offers beautiful travel opportunities from Paris.

On the ground.

Oman Air, like its Gulf counterparts, certainly holds the keys to elegance. In Charles de Gaulle, the airport from which it operates, the airline receives its “guests” Business (the term dedicated to the Middle East) in a large pump: dedicated counter, moelly carpet (please!), priority access. Everything is done to make it easy for the trip and make it pleasant from the start.

On board.

The Oman Air fleet is mainly made up of last generation aircraft, more comfortable, quieter, more efficient. Between Paris and Mascate, the airline uses a Dreamliner, the new big carrier of the American giant Boeing. When travelling to Business, passengers take priority. The cabin makes a strong impression from the first glance: whether it is with its warm sand tones or the feeling of space that it provides, the Oman Air Business Class amazes to the most experienced traveller.
We are warmly welcomed on board by the crew.
A delicate meal will then be served at the full convenience of the passenger who chooses what he wants with great raw.

Between entertainment and rest, the flight is going to a crazy speed. It is already time to land in Mascate, not without having enjoyed one last time of a beautiful panorama: an amazing view of the coast of the Sultanate of Oman.

We’re sitting on the tarmac of the brand new airport, Welcome to Mascate!