Meeting with Nathalie Simon, the internationally renowned former windsurfing champion,
become an icon of vitality and fitness. In this interview she shares with us her secrets for maintaining an energetic and balanced lifestyle, while talking about her exceptional journey and her commitment to well-being and sport.


What are your key tips for maintaining optimal energy levels daily, even with a busy schedule?

For me, the foundation is understanding that our health is THE priority, and when I talk about health, I obviously mean prevention with physical activity and awareness of what we put on our plates. It’s a real challenge to find time for oneself, especially for urban dwellers in big cities who have a lot of commuting time. Personally, regardless of what happens and where I am, I start my day with 10 minutes of exercises (stretching, core exercises) that get my body and brain going.

How have you adapted your training routine after your career as a top athlete while working?

When I was young, those 10 minutes were mostly focused on abs. I added stretching to mobilize my back, hips… I also have the chance to organize my life by setting aside hours for sports practice. I prefer to skip (very long, I find) beauty treatments. To be able to exercise, you have to prioritize it in your schedule, otherwise it won’t work.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in vitality. What are your favorite dietary choices to promote fitness and health?

I’ve always loved vegetables and less sugar (lucky, right?). I often exercise on an empty stomach because I can’t run on a full stomach (conflict between digestion and blood flow to the muscles). Breakfast with scrambled eggs and avocado sprinkled with turmeric, spirulina, and tea. I drink too much coffee, I love it… My husband cooks, so I don’t stress too much about it! But I always have a tin of sardines and corn cakes in my suitcase for a light dinner when I’m on set.

As a public figure, how do you manage stress and pressure while maintaining a positive and dynamic attitude?

I have a naturally positive disposition. But my advice for relieving pressure is heart rate coherence breathing, which allows you to refocus and reduce pressure and tension in just a few minutes. It’s also great for falling asleep. One of the keys to vitality is good sleep.

Can you share inspiring anecdotes from your windsurfing career that have influenced your approach to well-being?

It’s hard to think about well-being when you’re in a high-level sports period, you’re more focused on pure performance… but I drew from it a resilience and stress management capacity. I was alone thousands of kilometers away, without staff, and I had to manage everything on my own… It makes you grow very quickly. (smile)

Many people are looking for ways to stay active without engaging in intense sports. What activities do you recommend for accessible physical fitness for everyone?

Dynamic walking is the first activity and it’s accessible to everyone! In the countryside, by the sea, in the city… And at any age. With sticks, it’s even more complete.

What would be your advice for our readers to approach this summer season with serenity?

Summer is the most conducive period to serenity. The days are longer, people come out of their caves, the sun’s rays warm the body and boost morale, and you can practice walking or running early in the morning or late at night without needing a headlamp. (Laughs) But be careful, because it’s also the return of aperitifs… Too much alcohol is harmful to sleep and many other things (moderation is the key).

Tell us about your bastide du Fort in the Presqu’île de Giens and the vitality stays you organize, who are they for?

With Tanguy, 4 years ago, it became obvious that we could share our way of life and vitality secrets with others. So we came up with the vitality stays. They are mainly aimed at women with whom I share 4 days of walking, water walking, yoga, massages, and above all, exchanges around the cuisine prepared by Tanguy.

What would you like to wish the readers of LiFE Magazine?

A beautiful summer and above all, top self-esteem! All sprinkled with physical activity because movement is life!