Louis Bodin Rencontre au beau fixe !

In his latest book, “Nous sommes tous météo-sensibles” published by Albin Michel, the brilliant and reputed forecaster and meteorologist, Louis Bodin explains how the weather impacts our health and mental state. Here he talks to our LIFE Style Magazine readers and offers a few tips to enjoy life all year round!
Every day the French public waits for your forecasts on TF1 and RTL… How do you feel about this loyalty after almost 10 years?
It is extremely important for me and I am delighted to share my passion for nature and the emotions it offers with the viewers. And meteorology is a good way to convey this.
What is the best way to prepare for the changes in the seasons?
Ideally you need a balance of common sense and calm. Each time there is a thunderstorm for example or a lot of snow, people are becoming increasingly hysterical. Clearly the climate is changing, now we need to accept this and change our behaviour. We need to think about what these changes mean to us.
Health, work, emotions… Does the weather affect our frame of mind?
Of coursel Sometimes, even without knowing it, we breathe in millions of litres of air each day, air that can be polluted, warm, cold, damp or even under pressure. We all react differently to this, but we all interact with it. This is why we should look after nature, animals and also ourselves.
Does the summer weather have a positive impact on social interaction?
Physiologically, our body takes into account the outside temperature. When the temperature is good, in other words comfortable, between 19 and 24 degrees, your body releases endorphins and becomes more receptive to external interactions. During the summer, we sweat and with our sweat we secrete pheromones that are responsible for sexual attraction. This is why we tend to want to get closer to someone!
Do you have some easy-to-apply everyday tips that could help us live better?
Listen to your body! When a cat wakes up it stretches, smalls and takes a look around. We should all do the same thing and take the time to admire our surroundings. We should also adapt your life to the weather: if it’s raining or snowing, give yourself more time and pay attention to others.
You say the weather influences consumer behaviour. Could you tell us a little more about this?
The link between people and the weather is clear for all to see and the influence this has our behaviour For example, if my forecast for a long week-end is dult, the impact this has is enormous! Bookings at hotels, restaurants, stores and so on drop by between 10 and 20%. We have a clear economic role.
Is our weather-sensitivity heightened due to climate change and pollution?
Probably not, but our interest heightens in line with our concern for global warming. When I talks with other people I sense their concern for what is happening. Unfortunately we have to make do and most importantly change our habits to protect the planet.
What would you like to wish LiFE readers for the coming year?
Do not endure meteorological events, use them. Each period of the year brings with it advantages and inconveniences, but this is a wonderful country – so open your eyes, look around and appreciate!