Learn to treat yourself Health and Beauty

Best-selling author Docteur Frédéric Saldmann
offers exclusively for Life Style Magazine
his summer survival tips.

What advice do you have to get ready for the summer period? What is your feeling
about detox cures?

I have never read any serious scientific review or article that proves the
benefit of detox cures and drinks other than the marketing and promotional
material. It’s a concept, a dream, a non-truth. I recommend
Detox and fasting. The practice, that is recommended by a number of
different religions since it combats our planned obsolescence involves
not eating for 12 to 16 hours, for example between 9pm and 1pm.
Listen to your body, only eat when your body requires something and
most importantly, no snacking. On the other hand, never miss the opportunity
to skip a meal! (laughter)

Would you say some medicines have no medicinal properties but only psychological
and physiological?

Sheer mind power means the organism is able to produce its own
medicines when needed. This is the placebo effect. Studies show that
40% of us feel better afterwards. However, others produce a hormone
called cortisol that can make them sick. I have nothing against
the placebo effect, on the contrary, learn to look after yourself and
treat yourself!

Should we change our eating habits as summer approaches?

To look good during the summer, you should drink and eat lighter
meals than in winter. For a quick slim, have an ice-cold shower for
3 minutes in the morning and you will lose 250 calories each day!

Is the sun really that bad for the skin?

Exposure to long periods of sunlight can be dangerous, even with
sun cream. Sun creams do protect but there is no miracle solution.
Wearing a hat is better to prevent the early aging of your skin and try
and limit exposure to 12 minutes per day.

Are nutritional supplements to accelerate tanning efficient?

I am not in favour of such products. You can’t prepare your body for
the sunlight. Sunlight is strong and the impact cannot be reduced.
They are simply the result of an excellent marketing operation.
What advice do you have for people returning to sport after the winter break?
If you stop during the winter, begin by walking quickly, 30 minutes
without stopping, each day, outdoors. The first 20 minutes burn the
sugar in your body, then the bad fat which reduces the risk of cardiovascular
problems by 40%.

What is the ideal way to rehydrate the skin after a day on the beach?

A lot of products work quite well, but again there is not one miraculous
solution. Your skin will be more flexible but not necessarily
better hydrated. When it rains, the water does not penetrate your
body … it’s the same thing with the creams, so choose one because
you appreciate it and because you feel better afterwards.

What’s the best way to avoid the post-holiday blues?

German scientists carried out a wonderful study on the ideal length
of the holidays, the 8-1-5 rule. Plan your holidays and during the 8
weeks leading up to them, your body secretes pleasure hormones.
1 week is the ideal length, 5 times per year. Remember that during
a 3-week holiday, you lose 20 IQ points. Remember also to move
around all the time, even when you are on holiday. Einstein said
« Life is like riding a bicycle, if you don’t keep moving you fall off» !