José Garcia Pour le meilleur et pour le rire !

Can you tell us about the challenges and highlights of your film career so far?

All the films I’ve done have been a challenge because I didn’t know how to do them. That’s actually the criterion for choosing a role: Not knowing how to approach it, searching, trying, and seeing if it works when you have a good director. Generally, it works out. When you’re with directors who are a bit more doubtful, it can be more complicated.

In addition to your acting career, you’ve also created your own brand of rosé wine. Can you tell us more about this wine adventure?

It happened during the lockdown with an advertiser named Gabriel Gaultier. He told me that before he died he wanted to do something crazy! Rosé Garcia, it made me burst out laughing. I said that if the wine was good and if it was under ten euros and we didn’t make a big deal about money, then I agreed. He introduced me to Luc Sananes and Olivier Chini, and the adventure began. Since then, we’ve just been laughing, having moments of joy, and creating connections with people. I feel like a group singer with the Marti de Viva Mexico. (Laughs) We go on big tours and we have a blast.

Is there a particular role you dream of interpreting ?

Don Quixote, but I already know I could never do it! (Laughs) That being said, in the film I just released, «Nous les Leroy,» there’s something of Don Quixote in my character.

How do you choose your film projects and what criteria are important to you when selecting new scripts?

I look for original subjects and roles or ones approached from a perspective that hasn’t really been explored. I also like characters that I create. I like them to be extreme but also in emotion, drama, or laughter. They must have a fairly extreme journey.

As an accomplished actor, what advice would you give to young talents aspiring to succeed in the film industry?

I absolutely give no advice to anyone. Every person, every actor, every individual has their own path. Their own way of doing things, and that’s perfectly fine.

What could you wish for the readers of LiFE magazine?

What I can wish for the readers of LiFE is that they have a beautiful life and that they are happy! That’s the only thing we can wish for in this complicated world. Perhaps things will change, and one day we will all be happy!