Hyaluronic Acid By Doctor Jean-Baptiste Danvin

One of the main concerns beauty of the women and more and more men today, is that they want to look less tired. Very fashionable, the injections of hyaluronic acid are more and more practised to correct the signs of the ageing.
But of what it consists exactly?

The injection of acid hyaluronic, for what?

The hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human tissues.
We use it to rehydrate in depth the skin or to fill wrinkles, folds, grooves, troughs of low pressure of the face. It is also interesting in the care of the losses of volume of the face as too thin lips for example.

From what age can we begin?

As soon as the first signs of ageing begin to appear. From 30 years he can occur a digging located in nasal septum and a light correction is also going to have a role of prevention.

Acid hyaluronic or botox?

The hyaluronic acid is a product of filling of wrinkles. It appears under various viscosities according to zones to be treated. It is fluid when it is necessary to handle fine wrinkles and more thick when we look for a volumizing effect. We have already spoken about some botulinal toxin which is a muscular relaxant. It acts by decreasing the contractile strength of muscles responsible for expression wrinkles: crow’s-feet in the corner of eyes, wrinkles of the lion (vertical lines between eyebrows) and the horizontal wrinkles of the front. The current trend is to propose some botulinal toxin to handle the top part of the face and some acid hyaluronic for the bottom of the face.
The procedure takes place in cabinet, it is fast and lasts only a few minutes. The effect of the injection lasts on average 9 months in one year, because the acid hyaluronic is degraded by the body.
It obliges to renew regularly the injections preserve the result. For these esthetic corrections, it is always more careful to proceed to injections regular and moderated to respect at best the harmony and the evolution of the face of each with the age.