Field of Murtoli The love of tradition

L’amour des traditions

Directed by Paul Canarelli, a man with a passion for receiving guests and farming, the Domaine de Murtoli in Sartène in Southern Corsica is both unique and magical.

Focus on a Garden of Eden covering 2500 hectares dedicated entirely to agritourism with, here and there, beautifully restored stone shepherds cottages.

The very essence of the Ortolo valley and the estate dates back to its ancestral pastoral calling, brought back to life thanks to Andria Pietri who manages the farm and watches over the animals and crops with love. Here, agroecology is a serious matter, much to the delight out our taste buds and the planet as a whole : quality products, total environmental compliance.

Crédit photos : Domaine de Murtoli

The milk of the 400 sheep that roam the estate is used to produce the outstanding and very traditional cheese. Each wheel of which is looked after like a treasure in itself.

The succulent and flavour some veal reflects the freedom of movement of the cattle and the Corsican Maquis.

The agricultural activity focuses on blending modernity and tradition, with 160 species and varieties grown on the estate, from tomatoes to red fruit, courgettes, … all of which are served up in the estate’s intimate restaurants.

The oil mill produces three types of oil that are then assembled as if for a fi ne wine according to the maturity of the olives when picked.

Word has it there is a project to create a winery and cellar to add to the estate’s vineyards.

Another treasure in store for nature lovers …

Domaine de Murtoli
Vallée de l’Ortolo
20100 Sartène, Corse
Tél. : +33 (0)4 95 71 69 24