Doctor Frédéric Saldmann The winter tips

Cardiologist, nutritionist and internationally recognized specialist in preventive medicine, Doctor Frédéric Saldmann has become an undisputed benchmark in just a few years! Author of several best-selling health books, the LiFE Style Magazine team caught up with him to get his best tips for weathering winter and getting 2022 off to a great start.

Should we change our eating habits?

You shouldn’t change your eating habits during the year. Remember to always eat seasonal fruit and vegetables that are wonderful sources of vitamins. On the other hand, refusing yourself a little treat makes you want it more than ever so don’t cut out anything and enjoy anything healthy, like an avocado for example. After eating an avocado you feel full and it is also wonderful for your intestines!

Is sport a good ally also ?

The winter and the cold are not reasons not do to any sport. If you’re not very motivated to go out, invest in an exercise bike and pedal for 30 minutes a day !
Attitudes change quickly these days. Do you believe we can all look after our own health today?
The future could well be found in what is known as epigenetics, meaning healthy behavior can foster healthy genes. What is important when you want to remain healthy is to make the right choices to manage your health and well-being.

Frederic Saldmann, Doctor

You advice for regular daily physical exercise… Do you think that physical has a strong impact on mental?

Of course! A person who does not feel good in his body is a person who is not happy. Winter and cold weather are no excuse for not exercising. In order to stay healthy, it is necessary to practice rigorous and regular physical activity. People who do 30 minutes of daily exercise secrete an enzyme that makes it much more effective against winter illnesses or Covid-19 for example. If you lack motivation for outdoor sports, invest in an exercise bike!

Could you give us a winter tip just to finish?

Many people suffer from a lack of light. Consider a bit of light therapy and a 30-minute brisk walk each day. Your body will secrete endorphins, this will brighten up your day and also vitamin D to keep you happy! Beware of fat and go for vegetables as much as possible!

What would you like to wish our LiFE readers?

An iron constitution !
Don’t forget that what akso lakes you healthy to be happy!
I wish you a lot of happiness for this coming year.