Valentin Lucas His must-do

The best winter destination for this 2022/23 season?

Meribel! Good mix for me between sport, restaurants and mountain village, i love these atmospheres!

The must-go winter spot?

The winter spot in the sun would clearly be Brazil ! In praia do rosa south of Florianopolis for surfing or in Pipa for kite surfing.

The essential dish to enjoy by a fireplace?

For me, the first chimney fires are always associated with mushrooms, so I would say a good pan-fried porcini mushrooms and chestnuts to share with friends.

What will be the must have this winter for you Valentin ?

The Nobis parka! To face extremes, cold, wind and snow.

What you won’t forget to put in your suitcase?

Apart from the parka, I would say a good pair of mountain shoes, my preference is the Rossignol 1907 Chamonix boot. A must have!

wine or champagne?

Languedoc, Bordeaux, Burgundy or Rioja red wine.
My favorite wine of the moment, les Barques.

For you, this end of the year rhymes with Christmas lights in New-York or swaying your hips stuck tight on the golden beaches of Ipanema? (Laughs)

It depends on the years! (smiles) but this year it will be sunny for me! On the Withsundays islands, I let you check on Google map if you want to join me back! (Laughs)