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The Setai Miami Beach, a tailored high-end experience!

A tailored experience awaits you at the Setai, Miami Beach. Located in the historical art deco district of South Beach, The Setai, Miami Beach offers a refreshing blend of simplicity and refined elegance in the heart of the hustle and bustle of this emblematic part of the city. Appreciate the artistic combination of cultural and urban sophistication in this luxurious cocoon in south Florida.

The Setai, a name inspired from the Indonesian word bahasa meaning “South Beach” reflects a rich heritage of multicultural influences and Far-Eastern sweetness. What makes The Setai so ideal is the perfect mix of tailored services, intimacy and tranquility. The personnel are skilled in anticipating guests’ every desire and offering the very best possible in terms of hospitality.

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The spacious suites represent a personalized, calm and discrete retreat for guests. The Asia-influenced décor and cleverly designed spaces blend together in perfect harmony.
A stay at The Setai also means a memorable culinary experience. The most recent addition to the hotel was its Asian Jaya restaurant that quickly became a must-go address in Miami.

To enhance your tailored luxury experience, The Setai is also a cal- ming paradise of pools and palm trees. Relaxation and well-being are also on the menu in one of the four suites fitted with a private spa or in the THEMAE SPA.

Appreciate the total luxury and comfort of The Setai, Miami Beach, the world’s most emblematic sun-kissed beachside paradise.

Hotel The Setai Miami Beach
2001 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139, USA
(888) 625 7500

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