The must do’s of Valentin Lucas

The trendy and fashionable influencer Valentin Lucas gives us some of his secrets and tips
on his routine. A short interview with this handsome dark-haired man, a multi-faceted business leader.

Your lunch break?

Supernature in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

For a lover dinner?

Without hesitation, Langosteria in the new Hotel Cheval blanc , dolce vita is betting! (Laughs)

Champagne or cocktails?

Cocktail! Right now the Pan Muertos: 4cl of tequila Boss, 1cl of orgeal syrup, 2cl of green lemon, 2cl of dry triple, 3cl of pineapple juice, a real delight for my buds! (Laughs)

What traveller are you?

I like diversity in my travels, whether it be in hotel, in Airbnb, guest house, backpack or travelling trip, I am always ready for new adventures!

Airplane, train or car?

No hesitation plane and car!

A destination for this winter?

If I had to choose a distant one, it would be Costa Rica. Otherwise, of course, skiing in Val d’Isère or Courchevel and I’ll love to go back in London.