Prescription: sun ! By doctor Jean-Baptiste Danvin

The present situation is quite specific in terms of health to be aware intuitively that mood is regulated by many factors we have been deprived of lately.

I write this article in full containment hoping you will read it on a sunny beach or the mountain accompanied by your friends. The sun we have already addressed the risk from the dermato and ocular, remains a key factor in our lives.

As soon as the first ray of sun arrives, we feel immediately zen & relax, with the desire to read Life Magazine on a terrace with a fresh drink… All studies agree that the sun has multiple effects on our health and our mind.

Ultraviolet radiation at high doses has adverse effects, but one moderate exhibition regulates our internai clock and reinforces our system immune.

A small molecule called serotonin, now well known, regulates our cycle is sleeping, our appetite, our memory and our humor too. People who are in need of serotonin are often more presentations to depression episodes.

When the beautiful Corsica sun comes to our retinas, the brain gets Information to produce more serotonin and you are now on better mood. The sun has therefore an effect on the mood and on the organism wîth the regulation sleep and temperature of the body that regulates.

The benefits we’re going to feel at the end of this containment and also of booster our immune system with a stimulation
of lymphocytes. So your body needs sun rays to be in great shape immune.

Also 90% of vitamin D required foi calcium fixing in bones ir also due to solar exposure. About 15 minutes exposure two or three times a week is sufficient for this production.

We have already discussed the subject of solar ptotection, which is quite right necessary.

I wish you all a relaxing and a very good summer !