Hôtel La Villa Calvi, Corsica

La Villa Calvi, a stopover in artland

SA stay at the Villa means a stay in the heart of the Balagne, one of Corsica’s most outstanding regions, a place seemingly imagined and designed for guests at La Villa to relax and unwind in while embarking upon a sensorial voyage.

Above all else, La Villa is an address with a clear focus on well-being and the sharing of a passion with artistic creations, musicians, decorators, chefs, preferred composers all invited to express their talents to the full to make your stay as emotional and unforgettable as possible.

Copyright photos : La Villa Calvi

Breakfast by Julien Marinetti’s “Duck Pond”, the establishment’s emblematic contemporary artwork, Corsican culinary delicacies, delicious “Villa Nights” with live music under the stars, a multitude of unique and enriching experiences at La Villa allow guests to grasp the full meaning of the heart and soul of the place.

For the past 25 years, two fathomless desires have been the focus of La Villa: to provide both a welcome like no other so guests feel perfectly at home and an experience of aesthetic, musical and culinary exploration and discovery.

Hôtel La Villa
Chemin Notre Dame de la Serra
20260 Calvi, Corsica, France
+ 37 (0)4 95 65 10 10

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