Valérie Orsoni The coach of the stars

Slimming coach of the stars, Valérie Orsoni, does not play it inaccessible and confided in the readers of LiFE magazine.
Meet this “punchy girl” in all simplicity.
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Can we talk about BootCamp. What does your site propose?

BootCamp proposes coaching programmes that have been approved by doctors on both sides of the Atlantic (and Pacific):
– Slimming and food rebalancing programmes: to lose weight for those who are severely overweight of have just a couple of kilos around the hips they’d like to lose! Our programmes consist of everyday advice, weekly menus, gourmet mouth-watering recipes and most importantly unlimited questions and answers with the coach.
– Fitness: programmes for women with little time to spend. For example My Flat Tummy in just 5 minutes per day, Firm Buttocks in just 8 minutes per day, TABATA BURN for those who want to push their limits and heartbeat or Yoga Fit Burn for the really overweight who don’t want to jump around like Zebedee!
– Yoga & Meditation: because we all need to cool down our sympathetic activity that is forced to overreact in today’s stressful society.
– Nutrition: coaching of course but also my 30-day Sugar Detox programme.

What winter tips do you have for our readers to reach the summer season’s ultimate bikini goal?

Start now! The problem with the winter in northern-hemisphere countries is that we wear so much clothing, lovely jumpers, beautiful coats and jogging pants that we forget our bodies, we disconnect from our bodies and eat too much.
Saying “it’s cold, it’s winter, I need to eat more” just doesn’t make sense in 2021 when we all have heating systems, warm clothes and your body no longer uses its natural energy to warm us up.
That being said, it’s not a crime to put on a few kilos (a few I said, not 12! (laughter) during the winter as we are genetically programmed to stock during the cold period. But, without wanting to worry anyone, it is important to understand your summer 2022 body is made during the winter that comes before it.

The festive season is a time we are all tempted to overdo things. How can we enjoy things without feeling guilty?

You shouldn’t feel guilty. But you shouldn’t make the following mistake either of beginning the revelry on December 1st and finishing the New Year’s chocolates on January 20th. Enjoy yourselves at Christmas and New Year, yes, have a second helping… but between the two, either give the food to someone or freeze it!
As for the chocolates you are given, either give them away or freeze them for another time. Don’t give in to emotional blackmail either from people who insist you taste their delicacies as if their pleasure depended on your lack of will. I call these people diet wreckers ! (laughter)

You’re a fighter and a successful one! Weight lost, successful website, TV programmes, books, stars… and it doesn’t seem to go to your head, but at the same time you would be right to revel in your success don’t you think?

Ha ha, rather than making my head bigger I’d happily be a couple of extra centimetres taller!
I revel in the fact I can help transform the women (and a few men) who join us.
What makes me happy? Getting up in the morning and receiving before/after photos of women who were told they’d never make it, women who never managed before and who have gone far beyond their objectives!
So yes, I admit that their success is almost intoxicating.

Famous names such as Nathalie Portman, Pénélope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, to name but a few are fans of your method. What is your secret?

My discretion!!

What are your top three quick-to-do everyday exercises to stay in shape?

1. Hypo-pressive abdominals: a guaranteed effort-free flat tummy! I breath in and push out my tummy then slowly breathe out, flattening my tummy at the same time as far as possible. (I combine this with my flat tummy in 5 minutes programme to target all the muscles in the abdomen)
2. 12,000 steps wherever I am in the world #TeamNoExcuse or if I can, a 1 km swim
3. The superman movement for tight buttocks without creating the heavy thighs that squats lead to (I combine this with my Firm Buttocks in just 8 minutes per day, to go all the way).

What would you like to wish our LiFE Magazine readers?

To control the oxidative stress we are exposed to everyday. For me this is the source of all our ills, our tiredness and lack of morale.
The solutions? Read LiFE magazine and offer yourself a private bubble, take time to breathe correctly, love yourself to then love others. These are simple tips you should adopt to make you want to look after yourself and change!
Mind over matter: decide knowingly to move and transform your body, no-one can do it for you. Never forget that 20 minutes of fitness with me represents only 1.38% of your full day!! You’re worth it aren’t you?
Apply the #TeamNoExcuse attitude, and choose a mantra that motivates you!