Psycho Test Psychology

Do you get risk appetite?

1. The traffic slows. There has just been a serious road accident. As you drive past, you:

A. look closely to try and see what happened
B. have a look and drive on
C. You don’t just not look, you don’t understand the people who do look!

2. After losing your money many times, you suddenly hit the jackpot on a slot machine:

A. Fantastic! You decide to bet everything you won and hope to win even more!
B. You keep some and play the rest
C. You hesitate, you can’t make your mind up …

3. You trip as you enter the meeting and fall down in front of everyone. It hurts:

A. You smile to reassure everyone and sit down
B. You let a colleague help you stand up and go and sit down
C. You blush and don’t know what to do

4. What compliment would you like to hear from a close friend?

A. What strength of character! No-one or nothing impresses you …
B. You’ll go a long way! That’s what everybody thinks!
C. You could do anything you want! The choice is yours …

5. You’ve been driving around for an hour when you see a space but it means you have to drive 20 metres the
wrong way up a one-way street:

A. You don’t hesitate one instant! You do it and park
B. You check there are no police and park
C. You ask someone to keep the space and drive round the block

6. During a meeting, your boss criticises you for your lack of initiative in the face of the competition even
though it is not true! :

A. You react immediately and stand up for yourself!
B. You don’t say anything but he will regret saying it!
C. What a horrible person! You curse him in silence

7. You are late. No-one on the roads. Excellent visibility but the speed limit is 70 km/h, not a speed camera in sight:

A. You put your foot down
B. You speed up then slow down again
C. You drive a little too fast

8. At work, the most important criteria for you is:

A. To have real decision-making power
B. To be able to evolve and acquire new skills
C. To be free to organise your time as you please

9. What would make you the proudest?

A. An outstanding sporting achievement
B. To develop a technological breakthrough
C. To discover prehistoric remains in your garden

10. If you bought a house on the coast, what view would you prefer to have?

A. The cliffs
B. The harbour and boats
C. An empty horizon

Test results

A. A strong liking

Routine, safety, all boring! You like to add a bit of spice to life by doing crazy things. You find it thrilling to take risks and push yourself to your limits. This motivates you to go even further. Risk-taking is a form of pleasure for you as if you want to prove that fear doesn’t affect you. On the contrary, it stimulates you and allows you to highlight your fighting spirit as if you wanted to somehow hide or block out your weaknesses that you find difficult to accept. Maybe to hide up your low self-esteem?

B. A clear liking

You don’t go out of your way to take risks but you do enjoy the odd challenge or two. And the harder it is, the better the win! You love those adrenaline rushes that boost your capabilities. And the satisfaction that comes with it is a driving force that sometimes takes you into delicate situations as if testing your own capacities. You want to know if you control your own existence and are in a position to alter the course of your life. Maybe behind this need to assert your power is a sort of frustration or impression that as time goes by you are not making the most of the present time?

C. A moderate linking

Danger is not something that really attracts you. You don’t make a point of playing with fire but you don’t appreciate people imposing rules and taboos on the pretext that something is dangerous. You want to be able to decide for yourself. Even if this means going off the beaten track and taking the odd risk or two.

Your desire to live life your way may mean you may at times disobey and have to accept the consequences. Which isn’t so bad after all… you get a thrill from crossing the line, daring to do what others refuse to do. Maybe you are a bit of an anarchist on the side? As if you wanted to rekindle your adolescence that you maybe didn’t live to the full?