How do you perceive the impact of your Miss France career on your current professional journey and your roles as a doctor and media personality?
Miss France changed my life and naturally disrupted my seemingly straightforward professional path. Even though I resumed my medical studies after my year as Miss France, I wanted to maintain a presence in the media and as a French ambassador. I realized that my visibility could be used to disseminate public health messages to a wider audience. So today, I divide my time between my medical practice in private practice and participation in health prevention projects. I feel useful in this dual role, as a doctor on the ground and in the media.

Could you tell us more about your book «En pleine Forme» and what inspired you to write this book?
It’s a practical guide, a bedside book in which you’ll find plenty of explanations and advice for taking care of your physical and mental health on a daily basis. I strongly believe in prevention as a means to improve the health of populations. And who better than yourself to take care of you? In my book, I discuss the various levers that can impact your health: sleep, nutrition, physical activity, well-being, mental health, and medical follow-up. Always based on medical and scientific information, I share tips, rituals, and good practices to feel better and live longer in good health. I was simply inspired by patients’ questions, questions I’m also asked on social media, and the fake news I’ve analyzed and deconstructed.

You are a contributor to «Le Magazine de la santé.» Can you explain your role and what you enjoy most about this experience?
I host a segment twice a month on the theme of Olympian and Paralympian athletes with remarkable and atypical journeys, while sharing advice on the practice of sports for health. I’ve always watched and appreciated «Le Magazine de la Santé,» which is an intelligent show where we talk about health and society in a relaxed atmosphere. The team welcomed me with open arms, and I feel surrounded and supported in my efforts to improve. It’s a great TV experience!

What advice would you give our readers to approach this winter season with peace of mind?
Firstly, don’t neglect your sleep! As I explain in the book, sleep is the foundation of good physical and mental health. However, we tend to mistreat it with busy work schedules, late nights, excessive screen time, etc. So, take care of your sleep, and it will take care of you! Secondly, I’d recommend getting as much outdoor light as possible. We know that lack of light in winter can affect one’s mood. So, whenever the weather is nice, get outside a bit! Or, if you’re feeling low, consider light therapy.

How do you envision your role as an ambassador for the 2024 Olympics and what are your aspirations for promoting Olympic values?
I take my role as an ambassador for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to heart. As a doctor and sports enthusiast, I try to inspire the French to engage in regular physical activity by spreading this message in the media. I also plan to participate in sporting events organized throughout the country in 2024. I’ll invite the French to follow the Olympic flame relay, which will be a great celebration in the mainland and overseas territories. But Olympic values go beyond sports: we’re talking about sharing, inclusion, solidarity. So, I regularly engage in spotlighting para-sports and diversity.

Can you tell us more about your involvement in presenting profiles of athletes participating in the Olympics? What do you hope to convey through these presentations?
Athletes have exceptional life stories. They are true examples of determination, dedication, and success that everyone can draw inspiration from in their personal and professional lives. The younger generation needs role models. So, I share the achievements, failures, injuries, and more complicated life moments of these athletes to convey messages to viewers. We discuss the benefits of physical activity, rehabilitation, maternity, mental health, and more through Olympic and Paralympic disciplines. It’s a way to support athletes while providing information.

With your diverse experience as a doctor, author, contributor, and ambassador, what advice would you give to young people aspiring to pursue multiple passions and careers?
I would tell them that you can succeed by following different paths. I didn’t stop at the objections of those who said that all these careers were incompatible. I seized the opportunities that presented themselves to me. But it required a lot of work to manage so many projects in parallel! So, I would tell young people to dare and try. But they’ll have to work for it. I’d also like to tell them to surround themselves because alone, you go faster, but together, you go further.

What would you like to wish the readers of LiFE magazine?
Good physical and mental health. Never forget that the two go hand in hand! Health remains our most precious asset. So, take care of yourself first and foremost !
Enjoy life ! (Smiles)