Les Calanques Pure nature and adventure

Nestled in the heart of the Marseille metropolis, the Calanques National Park reveals itself as an exceptional treasure, both terrestrial, marine, and peri-urban. This unique park, spanning the municipalities of Marseille, Cassis, and La Ciotat, ranks among the top 10 global biodiversity hotspots – the only one in the Mediterranean region. It shelters breathtaking landscapes, remarkable ecosystems, and biodiversity of unparalleled richness, harboring 10% of known species on just 2% of the Earth’s surface.

The Calanques are distinguished by their massifs of white rock stretching over 20 kilometers, spectacularly carved along the coastline. It’s a sanctuary where 60 protected animal and plant species coexist, alongside 140 rare terrestrial species. Beyond these natural wonders, the park also preserves islands that serve as refuges for fragile biodiversity.

The Île Verte, a tongue of ocher land covered with greenery, nestled more than 400 meters from the mainland, shelters diverse fauna and flora, historical forts, and intimate beaches. Carefully protected by the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône, this emerald isle is a true gem where nature is preserved while responsibly welcoming visitors. A shuttle service is provided from the port of La Ciotat.

However, preserving this natural beauty in the face of environmental challenges is a daily struggle. The Calanques National Park has implemented responsible and sustainable management, involving concrete measures to limit the impacts of visitation, such as no-fishing zones, ecological monitoring of marine areas, and regulation of nautical activities.

The Marseilleveyre departmental domain, imbued with verticality, offers an ideal playground for hikers and climbers at the gates of Marseille. This magnificent mountain allows for admiring the city’s harbor from its peaks, where each corner reveals a new natural wonder in the kingdom of mineralogy.

The Calanques National Park is a showcase of Mediterranean biodiversity where nature reveals itself in all its splendor.

A preserved paradise.