How to stay on top of its shape all day long!

Our talented and dynamic kinesitherapists all specializing in sport and back school studies, Centre 71 Calanques in Marseille, gives you some valuable advice to keep your shape on a daily basis.


In the morning:

When you wake up, your alarm comes out of your dreams and you feel your body completely asleep. From this moment, before you lay your foot on the ground, you can start moving in your bed. Mobilize your arms, legs, stretch your back. You need to run your joints after a night of immobilization.

Time to work:

It’s time to get no more faggot on your desk chair. Move your body, straighten up, be your neck, put your shoulders back, mobilize your pool and hips. It is necessary to get up during your day. You can program an alarm every hour to make you take a few steps.


Lunch time:

Before your meal you can make a few simple and quick movements. This will allow you to move your joints and contract your muscles. For example, why not do 10 sitting up, 5 slots on each leg, keeping your back straight and you end up with 5 slow and prolonged abdominal breaths (inspire by inflating your belly and expire on your back). You’ll be in shape for your lunch then.


At night:

A hard day ends. It is easy to put your stuff down and do nothing or activate for meal, care for children. But if you can, do 15 minutes of dynamic exercises on a continuous effort. A movement chain with 30 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of recovery.



This is the time to go out and do an activity in the open air. Take advantage of this moment to walk or run 45 minutes at least or one hour. This will allow you to work your endurance and to make you breathe.


What we need to remember:

The important thing is regularity. Even a few minutes where you move and make an effort will benefit your health. In the long term, good physical condition prevents chronic diseases, joint pain (lumbalgia) and slows the aging process. The physical effort will make you more beautiful and happier, it’s proven!