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Isabelle Viant presents this summer horoscope Under the Stars vous, For Life Mag.


Work : Aries who have gone through major professional changes at the beginning of the year will turn things around starting in May and be able to catch up on projects that have got behind schedule. Warmth, light and sun will help you feel much better and stronger.

Love : You come out of their hibernation for wonderful encounters thanks to newfound motivations. Travel and life as a couple are on the cards.

Sporting activities : Water sports and relaxation


Work : New found energy is on the way between April and May. Calm and relaxed, your relations with others will help you develop your business. You are creative and may imagine innovative ideas in connection with an artistic project. You love your work and summer will provide a successful combination of work and play.

Love : If you are single you will use all your powers of seduction this summer to meet others and one person in particular. Your intuition will let you know if it is the right one. But beware of your impulsiveness and sometimes heavy-handed nature. You can also be ultra-possessive so take care not to frighten off your future soul-mate!

Sporting activities : Jogging and swimming


Work : New professional proposals are coming your way. Be careful about analysing your situation too closely, this may be negative for your decision-making. Try not to get all agitated. Gemini are often looking for security and too much introspection can be dangerous. You may miss out on a golden opportunity for fear of losing your comfort zone. Change can be positive! So go for it!

Love : Gemini think about their relationships too much and find life as a couple difficult. Far away travels and visits are good for your couple. Single Gemini will travel with friends for their company and shared experiences.

Sporting activities : Sailing, jogging, fitness


Work : After a busy and energy-sapping start to the year you still have the energy for work but need to recharge from time to time in different places. That doesn’t mean going far, nor for a long time, just regularly!

Love : A good year on the emotional side. Couples will grow stronger. Cancer will protect your couple. In the second half of 2018, if you are single you will experience two major encounters, in the summer and the autumn, one of which will lead to something serious and fusional.

Sporting activities : Water and mountain sports, cycling


Work : As a Leo you used up so much energy at the start of the year you are exhausted. You need to get away to recharge your batteries as soon as you can. But even when resting you are open to new projects and attracted to things linked to new technologies. Your hyperactivity and sixth sense mean you spot the right people to join your business activities.

Love : Watch out ! Your couple may suffer if you fall madly in love with another person. Leo need others around them and not remain alone. Your couple could be in danger in the second half of the year. For singles, great adventures await you, maybe something long term also…

Sporting activities : Motor sports (auto, motorbike), extreme sports, you love speed and excitement


Work : The first months of the year were good, despite your anxiety that can delay some of your projects. From June through to the end of the year, some positive energy will help solve difficult situations and enable you to start work again on your projects.

Love : No changes in view if you have a partner. You are perfectly happy with your life as it is and the routine that comes with it. If you are single on the other hand, and on the lookout for love and maybe a lasting relationship, an exciting encounter is coming your way in the second half of the year.

Sporting activities : Martial arts, fencing, golf, fishing


Work : You have adopted a rhythm in the first half of the year. You may look at an artistic activity and have projects this summer through to September, the stars are with you. You appreciate small team work to avoid being overwhelmed by the full force of the company. You may find it difficult to progress but a positive change is coming your way in the second part of the year.

Love : Virgo are faithful. Your intimacy and life as a couple is safe. If you are single, there are opportunities coming your way towards the end of the year even if your love life is not necessarily your major concern right now.

Sporting activities : Aviation sports (Delta, ULM…)


Work : A good year for Scorpios who will be giving everything they have got as freelancers or as part of a company. Your excellent intuition will play a big part in all things related to marketing. Your personal investment means you don’t count the hours you spend working which often means late into the evenings. Despite your anxious personality, you know how to use your stress to your advantage. Occasionally unconventional, Scorpios can be hard to follow but at the same time are great leaders and motivators …

Love : Unsettled times ahead despite your sensuality. Singles may find it difficult to commit themselves to a lasting relationship because independence is important despite the need for a partner. The second part of the year is an excellent time for wonderful encounters that offer a form of stability.

Sporting activities : Water sports (boating, water-skiing, swimming..)


Work : Capricorns are ambitious and think they are always right. This persistence may prove bad for business. Watch out for legal problems in the final quarter! You will need to sort out a few situations.

Love : You may feel the need to be alone during the second semester at the expense of your partner. You need to be careful not to hurt your partner and be more open with them. Singles may fall head over heels in love while practising a sporting activity.

Sporting activities : Golf, tennis, water-skiing


Work : Your situation will evolve during this second semester. You are both ambitious and cosmopolitan and on the lookout for new opportunities abroad. Your need to go further and to be accompanied by the right people brings success and opportunities. Intuitive, you will spot the right situations and develop fruitful relationships.

Love : Being a bit of a charmer may jeopardise your couple. Your need to please could prove negative for your marriage despite your desire to protect your couple whatever the cost. Summer will prove to be an exciting time, for singles also who will enjoy numerous encounters.

Sporting activities : All sports


Work : The first months of the year were good, despite your anxiety that can delay some of your projects. From June through to the end of the year, some positive energy will help solve difficult situations and enable you to start work again on your projects.

Love : For singles, chance encounters are coming your way so live the present and make the most of it. Couples will be going through an up and down period with potentially dangerous coups de coeur. A difficult period that may harm your couple due to your need to go all the way.

Sporting activities : Martial arts, endurance activities and water sports


Work : The extremely positive start to the year will continue. Pursue your objectives calmly and success is coming your way.

Love : The second half of this year will be pretty calm for couples without any major changes. Singles will have meaningful but not lasting relationships.

Sporting activities : Judo, swimming

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