LiFE is again delighted to meet up with you for an issue brimming with positive attitude and sunshine and in which you can discover a number of locations that are home to numerous prestigious establishments.

On a par with our winter selection, time now for cocooning, winding down, beaches and well-being!

This latest issue of LiFE presents the Summer spots where all the elements are brought together for an ideal get-away-from-it-all solution with one watchword, chill!

The talented Thomas Dutronc received us at his home in Corsica to talk about his latest album “Frenchy”, he’s talking about his career and reveals himself as the worthy ambassador of our cover, we will swing to the sound of his voice and guitar.

We also meet up with the “punchy” journalist Laurence Ferrari, currently presenting the CNews morning show, who talks about her projects for the future.

The radiant and passionate actress Julie de Bona speaks about what she’s getting up to right now. We also meet the dynamic Catherine Marchal whose energy and determination is infectious.

The reputed Michelin-starred chef with a strong accent Michel Sarran gets our mouths watering. We will be captivated by the man who whispers to lions, Kevin Richardson will tell us about his
commitments and foundation in South Africa.

We’ll be keeping an eye on your health thanks to Dr. Frédéric Saldmann’s advice and also tips and insight from Sandrine Verrycken for a wonderfully carefree summer!

Bien entendu nous garderons un œil sur notre santé grâce aux précieux conseils du Dr Frédéric Saldmann, sans oublier les conseils et confidences de Sandrine Verrycken pour réussir un bel été en toute serenité !

Welcome to one and all!

Summer Vibes! This is what we hope you get to experience this summer, to feel free, full of punch and to share wonderful times with those you love most, unforgettable times, to laugh and to make the most of each minute.

We sincerely hope this summer’s issue of LiFE will take you places and make you dream.

Just close your eyes, relax… and get ready for a cozy, calming and peaceful trip… in a word, let’s be free and enjoy “Life”…


Elsa B.Bonifacio Founder & Dreamer