Chez Lucette A greedy meeting

Once upon a time there was a small shop called “Chez Lucette” offering a selection of quality fruit throughout the summer. Llttle by little, the store changed and added more choice while the quality never faltered. From local cured meats, caviar, exotic fruit… there is something for everyone, even the most demanding.

Ideally located in the port of Bonifacio, the delicatessen’s has, over the years, become an address known to all boats looking for supplies of outstanding quality.

The wine cellar is just like the place: exceptional. Château Margaux, Château Yquem, Château Mouton Rothschild ou encore Château
Pétrus, the Grand Cru of the biggest French Houses live at Lucette’s.

For your everyday purchases you have fruit and vegetables, meats and fish and a selection of wines from Corsica and further afield.
Fresh, exceptional, exclusive go hand in hand with the soul of the store where the creativity, demanding quality and origins of the produce on offer combine beautifully.

Chez Lucette is the preferred supplier of prestigious clients, epicureans and restaurant owners.

The proof, Pierre Hermé, Frnce’s leading pastry chef talks of Ali Baba’s cavern with the finest high-end products and one day when he was rummaging through the goods he came across the black lemon he decided to incorporate in to his now famous lemon macarons.

Port de Bonifacio, Route de Santa Manza,
Lieu-dit Casilla, 20169 Bonifacio
Tél.: +33 (0)6 88 22 94 70 • +33 (0)4 95 73 19 38 •