Caterina Murino Queen of hearts

Caterina Murino is an Italian actress born September 15,1977 in Cagliari, Sardinia where she grew up with her brother and his family. She began studying ballet at the age of seven.After working as a model for major brands, the young woman took acting lessons at the film and theater school in 1999.

From 2002, she participated in TV films for Italian television, her mastery of French and English opened the doors to an international career.

In France, the public discovered her in the film “L’Enquête Corse” alongside Jean Reno in 2004. The following year Caterina Murino joined the Splendid troupe for the long-awaited third part of “Bronzés”. In 2006, the international public discovered her as a James Bond Girl alongside Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale”. Then she toured again in Italy for “Ciao Stefano”, in 2008, then appeared in “Le Grand alibi” by Pascal Bonitzer. Caterina is also featured in “Made in Italy” by Stéphane Giusti alongside Amira Casar.

In 2010, it was on the poster for the film “Comme les cinq doigts de la main ” that we find her alongside Vincent Elbaz, Pascal Elbé and Patrick Bruel, whose wife she plays.
We also find her in the cast of the thriller “Die, Le Châtiment” before sharing the credits of the detective movie “La Proie”. Caterina Murino then turns in several successful series, including La maison d’en face broadcast on M6, in which she gives the reply to Thierry Neuvic, Julie de Bona and the TF1 series, Balthazar with Tomer Sisley.

Caterina Murino, a committed woman, is also known to be the ambassador of the Association for Medicine and Research in Africa, AMREF. She is also very involved in the animal cause. It is therefore with great pleasure that we find this lady of heart on our pages.